“To help mark METALCON’s 25th anniversary, New Tech Machinery and S-5! co-hosted a kick-off party that had a great turn out. Everyone involved in the show had a part in growing the industry in the last 25 years and by partnering together who knows how big it could get. New Tech Machinery has been attending METALCON for many years and it has consistently been our biggest show. Next year is also New Tech Machinery’s 25th anniversary so we’re making great plans for our celebration at METALCON.”
Kristin Peregoy, Marketing Manager, New Tech Machinery
Denver, CO

“We previewed our Universal Composite Panel System. There’s no better venue than METALCON to introduce this product. Plus, being right by the MCA Roofing Games helped draw the right people to our booth. In an area like Tampa, we were promoting the benefit of our products in solar installations. In fact we had a visitor from Sri Lanka who was interested in standing seam roofing and wanted to know about our clips.”
Bill Zayas, Senior Account Executive, SnoGem
McHenry, IL

“Our customer base has access to all kinds of information so their perception is that they don’t need trade shows to make a decision. The U.S. market is critical for us and we feel our role is to educate roofers through these shows. This is the only way to do it and this show was better than I expected. So we’ll be back next year,”
Ray Smith, Managing Director of AppliCad
Melbourne, Australia
“ATAS International had many visitors who were interested in our new Isoleren insulated metal panels. It was a good event at which to announce this new product offering. Participating in the Learning Zones helped ATAS educate contractors on installation details related to flashing. ATAS has participated as an exhibitor at METALCON for the past 25 years. It is where we establish new relationships and meet with customers and suppliers that we have worked with for many years, and we look forward to future shows,”
Lee Ann M. Slattery, Sales Support Manager, ATAS International, Inc.
Allentown, PA

“Traffic to our booth was consistently good. Our new product, the 138T Shingle Recover System, was a real draw. Our target is the retrofit arena and our product was developed based on studies of the ASV concept. We did a lot of electronic promotion through METALCON’s offerings as well as industry publications.”
Ken Gieseke, Vice President, Marketing, McElroy Metal
Bossier City, LA
“There was a lot of interest in our PANELBUILDER CNC Router featuring our new software and print head. We saw very strong prospects and generated a lot of business here. METALCON has always been successful for us because many of our suppliers are here and our customers, installers of wall cladding (ACM), are also in abundance at METALCON. Every year this is a good source of business for us. The new PANELBUILDER 16 is the latest combined router and software solution in our company’s CNC router systems for panel fabrication.”
Greg Jenkins, Vice President of Sales, AXYZ Automation, Inc.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
“METALCON has always been a top trade show for us and this year was no exception. Our booth was filled with visitors throughout the show. The contacts we made were not only record breaking in number, but they were clearly buyers. The vast majority of them are all about business - seriously intent on putting our products and services to work for them. In addition to our own marketing efforts, we took full advantage of METALCON's great marketing tools. We participated in the MCA Roofing Championship Games as well as the “Association at Work for You” area. This added exposure was key in the overwhelming response to our new products - particularly the new D.I. Curver 1000 and Cap Bender. These machines are used to field form a radius on common snap-lock panels with narrow batten caps. We look forward to next year’s METALCON where we will once again present the latest innovations in panel seaming technology."
Bo Newman, Business Development Manager for D.I. Roof Seamers
Corinth, MS

"METALCON is our ‘coming out’ event as a brand. The response was overwhelming from customers and potential customers. We’ve walked METALCON before and this is our first time exhibiting. We had a lot of customers and were able to partner with the metal building industry, which is what we wanted. We manufacture and laminate fiberglass insulation for metal buildings. Kudos to METALCON team. They do a great job and are all very friendly and responsive."
Jane Van Bergen, Marketing Manager of Silvercote Lamination
Greer, SC

"We come here for relationship building. It may not result in a sale at the show, but it’s a time to meet and discuss what we have to offer and how we can helparchitects and contractors."
Rob Heselbarth, Director of Communications of Petersen Aluminum Corporation
Village, IL

"We had lots of positive feedback at our open house and lots of visitors at our booth. Traffic was excellent. It was a great show for us and the leads we received were high quality. It was also a chance to show more people our products up close and personal. METALCON is the best way to see and sell."
Kristen Peregoy Marketing Manager of New Tech Machinery
Denver, CO

"The emphasis on electronics may work well for marketing, but when it comes to our products, the contactors have to see them and understand how they can use them. It has to be face-to-face, and that’s why we’re at METALCON – to meet and talk with contractors."
Dale Nelson of Roof Hugger
Lutz, FL

"People judge trade shows by different factors. Some qualify a show by numbers of visitors or leads. But the real judge of quality in a show is how it helps you build relationships. By rotating location every year, MEALCON keeps drawing a fresh audience and that expands our opportunities to establish new relationships each year."
Ed Karper of Akzo Nobel
Waltham, MA

"We’ve been at METALCON before, but this is the first show where we’ve been exhibitors. We had quite a number of visitors and have been very busy throughout the show.We designed the Variobend equipment with the help of a gentleman who repaired most European machines. He heard all of the customer complaints about other equipment so we designed ours to eliminate those issues. Ours are all variable speed machines. Each is a totally new servo driven machine, which makes it 75% faster thanthe industry standard. Plus, the opening at the top is very wide to make it easier to turn pieces."
Nelson Hershberger of Hershey’s Metal Meister, LLC
Variobend USA

To attract people to the Trilogy Machinery booth, the company used a clever electronic marketing tool – an interactive touch screen display similar to a game board. Visitors could push symbols, and draw lines between points to learn about the company, its products and their applications.  Trilogy provides metal fabricating equipment for in-house, factory applications.

"This is kind of electronic eye candy for visitors and it’s working.Traffic to our booth has been really good. We’ve had lots of great leads and one sale.  So we’re very pleased,”
Matt Weeks of Trilogy Machinery, Inc.
Belcamp, MD

"This is our first trade show ever and it was very successful for us. The first day of the show we had so many visitors we couldn’t talk with everyone who stopped by our booth. We have leads from architects, vendors and contractors, which represent all of our primary audiences."
Andy Russo, Founder and CEO of Sierra Metals
Henderson, NV

"We had great traffic and a high quality of visitors. Although it was our first time exhibiting, we had walked METALCON several times before and then decided it was a good show for our Titebond metal roof sealant. It’s a green product and bonds to Kynar so this is a great spot for us."
David Braun, Director of Market Development, Construction Products Division of Franklin Int'l
Columbus, OH

"Our leads from this show surpassed last year’s and the level of interest was much higher than before."
Bill Coleman, VP of Sales for MBCI
Houston, TX

"This is the most productive show for us in the United States. We again had a great show this year with many well qualified leads and great networking."
Ray Smith, Managing Director of Applicad
Blackburn, Victoria, AU

"There was standing room only for Solar Bay presentations and the questions from visitors to were all about how to get into the market and how to fund the systems. There definitely is more interest in solar this year. We could tell that by the number of people who stopped at our booth asking about solar."
Keith Lipps, VP of sales and marketing for S-5!
Colorado Springs, CO

"METALCON 2010 was one of our better shows. We had great traffic and the visitors’ upbeat attitudes were definitely a sign that things are changing for the better. They have money approved in their budgets and are ready to buy. In fact, we can relate at least three orders directly to being at METALCON. Having the show in Vegas was also good for us because we saw a lot of people from Central and South America, which are important markets for us. This show also gave us a great opportunity to display a new product area. We’re now working with Samesor Oy from Finland so we used METALCON to show what SAMCO and Samesor are doing for each other in our respective markets. They are strong in Russia and Europe and we’re strong in the America’s so it’s a good combination. Plus, the more products you have to offer the more attention you’ll get at a show like this."
Bob Repovs, President of Samco Machinery Ltd.
Toronto, ONT



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