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Twenty-five years ago, these Exhibitors joined forces to help launch what is now the premier event for the metal construction industry. Thank you and congratulations!

METALCON has long been the place to engage customers and suppliers, meet old friends, make new friends, launch products, and learn. We’ve enjoyed watching the show evolve into an international event drawing attendees from all over the world. METALCON is an event that is always circled on the AkzoNobel calendar and we internally often refer to it as the “super bowl” of our industry.

Dick Bus, President of ATAS, reflects on the years of involvement in METALCON. “ATAS is proud to be one of the original companies to participate in METALCON 25 years ago, helping to launch what is now the premier event for the metal construction industry. Not only has our company been involved for 25 years, Jim Bush, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ATAS, and I have served in many positions with the Metal Construction Association during that time, and have assisted in developing the educational elements of the conference.” Atlanta 2013 was a memorable event for ATAS continuing their yearlong celebration of their 50th anniversary with a reception. Along with many industry friends, members of the entire outside sales team were in attendance. They sported bright pink polo shirts, to show support for the Metal Magnolias team, who walked in the “It’s the Journey 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer.”, a worthy cause to receive backing by ATAS.

Since 1969, Flexospan Steel Buildings, Inc. has manufactured commercial and industrial steel roofing and siding in Sandy Lake, Pennsylvania. Flexospan specializes in heavy gauge material and finishes for industrial atmospheres. Recognizing the benefits of such a valued industry group, Flexospan is honored to be a 25 Year Participant of METALCON.

Loseke Technologies is proud to be a part of METALCON's 25th anniversary. We have been serving the software needs of the metal building industry since 1984, and have exhibited at METALCON every year since its inception. Nothing beats a face to face meeting to demonstrate our PrecisionPlus software for metal buildings, and METALCON provides a unique opportunity to network with hundreds of contacts that you otherwise might never get to meet in person.

McElroy Metal is proud to have been an active part of METALCON for 25 years. METALCON attracts our customers so it’s where we have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with these customers and enjoy METALCON activities and the host city together. Congratulations METALCON, for 25 years of helping McElroy Metal and the metal construction industry grow and flourish.

One of our proudest accomplishments at Modern Trade Communications has been our involvement in METALCON over the last 25 years. Every year, we look forward to returning, to rekindle the profound and lasting relationships we have established in the industry and to ignite new ones.

“Metl-Span is proud to have been a part of the Metal Construction Association and Metalcon for the last 25-years. I think being a member of MCA and an active participant in Metalcon over the years in a major factor in making Metl-Span the leading manufacture in Insulated Metal Panels in North America. Congratulations Metalcon, looking forward to the next 25-years!”

Brian Knapp, PPG director, coil and building products coatings, said, “PPG is excited to be part of METALCON for the 25th consecutive year. The conference and expo are critical to strengthening our relationships with customers and supply partners, and for introducing new products and services. As the show has grown over the years, it has definitely become a “can’t miss” event on our yearly calendar.”

In 25 years of being involved in the METALCON Show it has been my experience that in all but one or two years the show has been a great success for our company. It would never fail that come October and coming to the close of the given year that the show would always bring us a big boost of orders…many of which would be new customers! My most memorable moments of the many shows would be the help that was offered to the Disabled Veterans and also meeting customers that I have spoken with for years over the phone and finally get to meet in person. Thank you again!



  Metal Roof Advisory Group

Rob Haddock is president of Colorado Springs, CO-based Metal Roof Advisory Group. He is a well-recognized authority on metal Roofing, a technical writer for several trade publications, inventor, educator and charter inductee of the Metal Construction Hall of Fame.


  Marge O'Connor 

Marge handles both media and exhibitor relations at METALCON.








Twenty-five years ago, these Exhibitors joined forces to help launch what is now the premier event for the metal construction industry. For more information on an exhibitor, select their corresponding logo below: