SP4: 12 Easy Steps to Closing More Sales of Residential Metal Roofing: Part I of II

  • Room: 21
  • Session Number:SP4: Part I of II
Wednesday, October 14, 2015: 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM


Frank Farmer
American Metal Roofs


Frank Farmer, President, American Metal Roofs

Join Frank Farmer in this two-part Metal Roofing Boot Camp. In this intensive, invigorating program, he’ll show you how to reap more rewards from the thousands of dollars you spend on advertising, setting appointments, and meeting with prospects. He’ll walk through the logical planning that ensures you are marketing to the right people, setting yourself apart from the competition, properly handling inquiries, and generating a needs analysis from the customer that results in an order. In this interactive session, Frank will also evaluate whether you’re spending more time telling when you should be empowering the customer to make a decision to buy. Frank’s step-by-step sales system has proven successful to increasing the number of sales to the right people for the right price. That may mean you won’t get every sale, but you will see significant improvement in your bottom line, because you’re targeting the right prospects correctly.

Part I of the boot camp will analyze your current activities and discuss what might be changed.

Part II becomes even more active as it identifies how to take the steps you need to increase your sales performance and become a million dollar or multi-million dollar producer.

Come prepared to discover who your target customer is, how to properly handle a lead and do a needs assessment, including performing an inspection that empowers a customer to buy now. Frank will show you how to build value in your roof and get the right price, and how to properly present the price. He will also share the 5 simple closes that every sales person should know and when to use them.

This no-holds-barred Boot Camp will leave you motivated and determined to succeed with a systematic sales approach that produces immediate results.




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