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Eastside Machine Company and EMCO Building Products are sister companies that manufacture siding machines, gutter machines, and seamless coil & accessories for siding, roofing and gutters.

Eastside Machine Company siding and gutter machines are truly a "factory on wheels." Each machine can produce custom seamless steel siding, available in many different and attractive colors. The first portable siding machines rolled off our assembly line in 1971. Even though the basic engineering concept remains the same, we incorporate new technology as it becomes available to improve performance. This consistent design ensures you will receive a completely field-tested machine that is dependable under all conditions.

EMCO Building Products is a manufacturer of seamless coil & accessories for siding, roofing and gutters and is committed to providing our customers with innovative, best-in-class materials, focusing on productive inventory management that maximizes your profitability. We are the only coil supplier in the United States that designs and manufactures job-site (portable) and in-plant roll-forming machines through our sister company, Eastside Machine Company. 

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  • EM 6/8/10 Seamless Siding Machine
    Eastside Machine pioneered & patented portable embossing seamless siding machine and is the #1 machine in roll-forming technology & reliability. Our machines are made in the USA & we have more machines in use worldwide than all other companies combined....

  • The EM 6/8/10 Combo portable siding machine is capable of manufacturing over 20 seamless profiles ranging from a 6-inch to Double 4-inch to a 5-inch Double Dutch profile. Optional attachments like the 4-inch and 5-inch Half Board & Batten and the 6-inch, 8-inch or 10-inch Vertical Board & Batten are all great profile attachments that are available from Eastside Machine. Our quick changeover kit makes it easy to change the width of the profile running on the job. In less than 20 minutes, you can switch profiles within an attachment, so going from a 6-inch profile to an 8-inch profile is easy to do on-site. Eastside machines easily switch complete attachments and are also job site-friendly. Attachment changeovers can be done in the field with just a little time and expertise. Like the quick changeover kits, the flexibility of attachments on the job site gives you more options to sell and install. This flexibility is important to have on the job site as more and more consumers are asking for multiple profiles, textures and colors on building exteriors.

    Learn more about our 6/8/10 siding machine: http://www.eastsidemachine.com/EM6-8-10-Seamless-Siding-Machine

  • EM Eagle Seamless Gutter Machine
    The legacy, design and performance of the Eagle gutter machine ensures our customers are buying the most robust, dependable, field-tested job site machine on the market. The 2016 Eagle 5” K-style Seamless Gutter Machine comes with a 5 yr limited warranty....

  • ll 2016 and newer 5-inch K-style (O.G.) seamless gutter machines feature 14 unique and fully driven forming stations that are enclosed with a clear cover to protect the operators and keep the roll-former free and clear of debris. All bearings are factory-sealed. Eastside's Eagle seamless gutter machines are driven by a powerful 1¾ HP, 115 volt single phase motor and are constructed of heavy gauge steel. The EM Eagle 5-inch K-style (O.G.) Seamless gutter machines are completely enclosed, yet easily serviceable, as the side panels are removable. They are powder-coated inside and out with a heavy-duty industrial paint finish for protection from the elements and feature industrial nitrocarburized and case-hardened (QPQ) steel rollers. Nitrocarburizing rollers allow for improved wear, lubricity, strength and corrosion resistance.

    With Eastside portable seamless gutter machines, your installers/operators can load and unload coils effortlessly with no need for extra trailer reinforcements. The optional coil lift system can be mounted to your enclosed gutter trailer and can quickly and effortlessly lift coils up to 2500lb using an 110-volt winch.

    Learn more: http://www.eastsidemachine.com/EM-Eagle-Seamless-Gutter-Machine

  • Specialty Job Site and In-plant Machines
    American-made and engineered roll-formers that make money! At Eastside Machine Company, we have been in the roll-forming business since 1960, building some of the most innovative and robust machines on the market....

  • We take an enormous amount of pride in being able to provide our customers with machines tailored to their individual needs and specifications. Whether you are looking for a custom profile using a job site machine or in-plant soffit, fascia, j-channel or custom profile roll-former, we can help you out. Stop by our booth to discuss your specific needs with one of our representatives or simply submit a request to our sales and engineering department via email at info@eastsidemachine.com or call us at 1-800-234-7834.

    Machines we have built in the past include: Super Fascia 4 ½" X 2 ¼" x 19" Straight Face, Curved Fascia Gutter 4 ½" 2 ¼" X 15", 6" Half Round Gutter, 5" Half Round Gutter, Roofpan Portable Roofing Machine, Snap Lock Roofing Machine, Soffit In-Plant Machine, Fascia In-Plant Machine, In-Plant Trim Machine, J-channel High Production Machine, F-channel High Production Machine, Sill Trim High Production Machine, Other Gutter Machines (Portable and In-Plant), Other Siding Machines (Portable and In-Plant), Other Roofing Machines (Portable and In-Plant)

    Learn more about our specialty machines: http://www.eastsidemachine.com/Specialty-Machines

  • EM Leafaway® Gutter Protection Machine
    The Leafaway® machine produces a seamless standard 5” gutter with or without the cover. As a Leafaway® dealer, you can also offer your customers leaf protection to their existing gutters by running the gutter cover through this 1-of-a-kind gutter machine....

  • Leafaway is the only dual leaf protection system in the industry. Leafaway is roll-formed into a seamless, full-size 5-inch K-style (OGEE) gutter covered by a debris-shedding shield with an exclusive pooling design. Liquid adhesion and gravity draw the water into your gutter while shedding debris from your roof and eliminating structural damage caused by failed gutters.

    Specially designed internal screw mounted brackets secure the system to the fascia board eliminating damaging roof attachments.

    Our Dual Leaf Protection System allows the ultimate in work flexibility. Switching from a Leafaway® job to a standard, full-size 5-inch K-style (OGEE) gutter is quick and easy. Don't bring in another gutter machine: easily convert the same machine to fit either job type! You can even offer your clients over 30 color and finish combinations.

    Invest in a standalone and highly profitable business by offering a truly unique product and give yourself the flexibility of becoming a full-service rainware professional.

    Learn more about our Leafaway Gutter Protection Machine: http://www.eastsidemachine.com/EM-Leafaway-Gutter-Protection

  • EMCO Building Products: Home Exterior Products
    EMCO carries steel siding coil, aluminum rain carrying system products, aluminum soffit products, steel fascia products, Kynar500® paint finish, dealer program, the industry's best warranty and much more!...

  • EMCO Building Products is a premier home exterior products manufacturer and carries a variety of products, including: steel siding coil, aluminum rain carrying system products, aluminum soffit products, steel fascia products, Kynar500® paint finish


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