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Laurel,  MT 
United States
  • Booth: 2022

Stop by our booth at Metalcon and check out the Cladding vacuum lifter for installing insulated metal panels! Now featuring Powr-Grip's® exclusive Intelli-Grip™ Control System!

USA manufacturer Wood’s Powr-Grip® has been setting the standard for vacuum lifting and mounting equipment since 1964. Powr-Grip is pleased to offer a broad range of hand-held vacuum cups, below-the-hook vacuum lifters, and other products that help to reduce business costs and increase productivity. Our products utilize the power of vacuum to lift, maneuver and transport a wide variety of materials such as sheet metal and cold storage panels, as well exterior cladding and corrugated roofing. Below-the-hook vacuum lifters from Wood's Powr-Grip are a reliable, efficient and ergonomic means of handling a variety of nonporous material. Flexible rubber vacuum pads attach securely to materials without harming most surfaces. Unlike some other attachments for cranes, hoists and forklifts, Powr-Grip's below-the-hook vacuum lifters provide a convenient and secure way to move materials, with little risk of damage.


  • Hand-Held Vacuum Cup for Insulated Metal Panels
    WPG™ is pleased to release a new series of Hand Cups that are specially designed for IMP’s and other cladding materials....

  • Our new Cladding Cups have the added benefits of low-marking, flexible rubber, along with all the other features you have come to trust and rely on in Wood’s Hand Cups. This new rubber compound enables the cups to attach to many textured, contoured or patterned surfaces found on IMP’s and cold storage panels. They have a load capacity of 60 lbs [27 kg], putting sturdy handles on large panels for final positioning, or lifting smaller panels with a partner.

    Here are some of the benefits these Cladding Cups provide for you:

    • Protect hands from sharp, exposed metal edges.
    • Free up the use of your vacuum lifter for larger panels, while workers handle manageable sections directly.
    • UV-resistant rubber resists deterioration on the work site.
    • Enable fine positioning and smooth installation of panels into tight spaces.
    • Help stabilize load during transport and placement.
    • Available with rustproof ABS polymer for light weight and durability (N4000C) or robust metal construction for industrial reliability (N4950C).
    • Red-line indicator warns user of any significant vacuum loss.
    • Check valve allows repumping without removing vacuum cup from surface.
    • Valve lever permits quick and complete release.
    • Supplied with protective carrying case.
  • Cladding Lifter featuring Intelli-Grip™ Technology
    The Cladding Lifter is an ideal tool when working with insulated metal panels (IMP’s) and other cladding materials....

  • This lifter achieves its usefulness in cladding installation by using specialized foam rubber vacuum pads.  These pads conform to surface contours up to 3/8″ [9.5 mm] in depth. Operators can easily remove, rotate and reposition vacuum pads as needed, to obtain optimal support of the materials. Additionally, the Cladding Lifter features a 90° manual tilt with hydraulic damping.  It also features automatic latching (when desired) to transfer materials easily between the flat position and the upright position.

    Optional pad frame extensions can be added to augment the Cladding Lifter’s versatility in handling a variety of materials. It has a standard load capacity of 700 lbs [320 kg].  When the optional extensions are installed, it can be configured to stretch up to 196 inches [498 cm] in length.

    The Cladding Lifter also comes generously equipped with a full complement of standard features: A dual vacuum system and vacuum reserve tanks reduce the risk of falling loads. A battery energy gauge allows the operator to visually check the battery’s charge.  And a low vacuum level buzzer sounds an audible alarm if the vacuum is not sufficient for lifting the maximum load weight.

    The Cladding Lifter Series now features state-of-the-art Intelli-Grip™ Technology.

    Intelli-Grip™ automatically monitors vacuum and power systems to:

    • Maximize productivity
    • Help reduce human error
    • Simplify maintenance and repairs
    • Protect employees and property from harm

    To obtain more information about the Cladding Lifter, please contact one of our Technical Sales


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