Bradbury Co. Inc.

Moundridge,  KS 
United States
  • Booth: 1123

The Bradbury Co., Inc., founded in 1959, is a world-class manufacturer of rollforming, coil processing, leveling, and automated production systems.

Bradbury provides Rollforming, Cut-To-Length, and Leveling solutions on any scale. Unsurpassed in quality and durability, our machines and systems are known for their reliability, consistently high productivity, and scrap reduction. We make an extensive line of rollforming and coil processing equipment for a broad range of industries. Our product lines include a variety of rollformers designed for fast tooling and section changes, including panel, purlin, trim, steel framing and portable rollformers, rollforming tools and dies, advanced hydraulic levelers with e-Drive™ technology, cut-to-length lines, high-speed presses and shears, hydraulic punch and cutoff systems, insulated panel and mineral wool systems, and automation controls. Our roster of trim shop equipment includes Long Folders, Panther Cub II™ Slitter/Shears, uncoilers and recoilers, stand-alone sheet slitters, and hemmers. Bradbury holds numerous design patents that give our customers a technological edge.  

Brands: B.O.S.S.™ Shear, QTR™ Purlin Rollformer, Rafted® Rollformer, Double High® Rollformer, Bradbury Long Folders, Panther Cub II™


  • The Bradbury B.O.S.S.™ Series
    The Bradbury B.O.S.S.™ Series is a state of the art roll former and closed-loop servo shear with speeds up to 300 FPM (90 mpm) and accuracy of 1/16” (1.5 mm). The B.O.S.S.™ can be closed coupled to a new or existing roll former....

  • The Bradbury Orbital Servo Shear (B.O.S.S.™) brings a revolution to metal sheet cutting. This high speed, closed loop flying shear was developed to increase shearing productivity - and there is no other piece of equipment like it. With its state-of-the-art features, the B.O.S.S.™ provides high production with close tolerance shearing. The intelligent drive and shear system allows the B.O.S.S.™ to be close coupled to a new or existing rollformer and acceleration or deceleration of the line does not affect the cut. The unique orbital design provides smooth acceleration and allows the B.O.S.S.™ to not be bound by the components needed in the traditional rack and pinion concept. Length and batch information can be manually entered at the control station, or the B.O.S.S.™ can receive downloaded production information from a remote computer.

  • Bradbury Trim Equipment
    Trim equipment offered by Bradbury includes Folders, Slit/CTL Recoil lines, Slit/CTL lines, Portable Hemmers, Coil Tippers, Coil Cars, and Stand Alone Sheet Slitters....

  • The Bradbury Group offers a full line of robust trim shop equipment designed to manufacture tight tolerance metal building trim parts. The Group’s trim equipment offering is comprised of Multi-Profile Trim Rollformers, Hydraulic Long Folders, Slit/CTL Lines, Recoil Lines, Hemmers, Coil Tippers, Coil Cars, Stand Alone Sheet Slitters, Ridge Cap Benders, and Rainwater Goods.
  • Bradbury Steel Framing Equipment
    Bradbury offers total metal forming solutions for the design, manufacture, assembly, and installation of light-gauge steel framing for residential and light commercial construction – including roof trusses, wall panels, and flooring....

  • The AM300™/AM400™ Rollformer and the Viper® Punch and Cut unit set the industry standard for the manufacture of structural steel framing products up to 10 gauge. The robust AM300™/AM400™ Rollfomer and Viper® Punch and Cut is designed to process material up to 300 FPM (90 mpm). The pre-punch and pre-cut design of the Viper®, coupled with the telescoping shaft design of the AM400™,provide the most effi cient profi le changeovers in the industry. Light Structural lines, Drywall lines featuring the DW Viper® running at 500 FPM (150 mpm), and Accessory lines complete our line up of steel framing equipment options. Integrated CAD solutions are offered through Bradbury Group Australia and our strategic partner.

    Bradbury's Viper® and DW Viper® use proprietary Vertical Approach™ technology and high-speed rotary mechanics. They feature standard linear punch tooling which makes maintenance easy and economical. The Viper® Punch and Cut is designed to process material up to 300 feet perminute (90 mpm) and up to 10 Gauge material thickness.  The DW Viper® is designed for Light Structural lines and Drywall lines running at 500 FPM (150 mpm) up to 20 gauge capacity.  Retrofit packages are simplified by a compact footprint and are available with closed-loop controls.

  • Bradbury Deck Rollforming Line
    If you require interlocked, nestable, embossed, or slot vented decking or hangar tabs, Bradbury has field-proven equipment to meet your needs....

  • Decking manufacturers that demand maximum profile flexibility, superior panel quality, and efficient profile changeovers trust The Bradbury Group with their equipment needs. From our Doublewide™  Rollformers to innovative pin and cam Rafted® Drive Connection, Bradbury Deck Roll Forming Lines are built for flexibility and high throughput. With a material range from 16-gauge to 29-gauge steel, the proven and time-tested crunch tooling design consistently delivers maximum results with limited maintenance. If you require interlocked, nestable, embossed, or slot vented decking or hangar tabs, Bradbury has field-proven equipment to meet your needs.


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