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Bio-Microbics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative—alternatives to centralized sewering—water, wastewater (land and sea), grey water, and stormwater treatment systems.

About Bio-Microbics, Inc.:

Bio-Microbics, Scienco/FAST, and SeptiTech solve water, wastewater, and stormwater problems.

As a global manufacturer of decentralized (land & marine) wastewater treatment systems to help ensure a clean environment and opportunities for water reuse, we work with a GLOBAL DISTRIBUTOR NETWORK in over 70 countries with more than 60,000 installations to provide solutions for residential, community, or commercial properties.

Serves as a resource for implementing better water management system to achieve green building and water efficiency goals, Bio-Microbics involvement in sustainable water initiatives predates current trends for water-efficient plumbing products, grey water and reclaimed water systems and environmentally friendly maintenance products.

Bio-Microbics provides the most comprehensive collection of integrated wastewater, stormwater, and greywater treatment products detailing the water and energy savings associated with treatment and water recycling opportunities. Bio-Microbics global network of distributors provides related regulatory, installation and maintenance requirements for the property owner.

Many of the products manufactured by Bio-Microbics, SeptiTech, and Scienco/FAST established, meet, and/or exceeds the water efficiency guidelines for green-building and water requirements applicable to plumbing and mechanical systems. Bio-Microbics, Scienco/FAST, and SeptiTech systems provide multiple benefits, including water supply reliability, ecosystem benefits, groundwater management and enhancements, and water quality improvements. Bio-Microbics changes the way people think about wastewater. Innovation, award-winning, and results-oriented are three themes that have become synonymous with Bio-Microbics; as well as, Simple, Low-Cost, Robust that echo the mantra for all of our products.

At the forefront of sustainable architecture, Bio-Microbics systems meet the highest performance and safety standards for treatment of water, wastewater, stormwater, and more! Bio-Microbics has developed a number of innovative products, which have revolutionized methods of dealing with the treatment of water – where infrastructure and drainage are not available. Our systems are designed and engineered with sustainability and user practicality in mind.

Bio-Microbics has decades of real-world operating history with more than 60,000 installations in over 70 countries.

Brands: MicroFAST, RetroFAST, SeptiTech STAAR, BioBarrier, MyFAST, BioSTORM, d-Rain Joint, Recover, SaniTEE, LIXOR, RollsAIR, StormTEE, MyTEE, Mighty Mike, FOGHog, Bond-SORB, U&F-BOOST!

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    Recover® System is an innovative, easy-to-use, compact, residential appliance to help conserve water usage and meet water efficiency requirements.  The Recover® recycles water from showers and baths to fill and flush toilets to help minimize the home’s water use by up to 30%. Its control panel technology tracks the home occupants’ water usage for water efficiency, automates the self-cleaning of the internal screen, and can auto-detect toilet leaks to further assist in saving money and water.

    To learn more about the Recover® system, please go to our direct product website, www.recoverwater.com.  

    Also in booth #410, we will have more information, brochure, and other details.  We hope you will have a chance to stop by, ask questions, and take advantage of our $100 discount offer!

 Press Releases

  • Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards

    Frost & Sullivan awards Bio-Microbics on the basis of overcoming industry challenges and leveraging business impact with a commitment to innovation, creativity, and technology incubation.

    Shawnee, KANSAS: Bio-Microbics is pleased to receive the 2017 North American Integrated Water Treatment Technology Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan.

    Bio-Microbics has achieved this distinction through its commitment to improving water treatment for the sustainable development of rural properties and communities. The Bio-Microbics team applies its expertise and insight to drive sustainable, integrated water resource management with not only products and policies, but to assist with planning and technical know-how to ensure proper sizing, installation, and maintenance are performed.

    “We are proud to present Bio-Microbics with this year’s Award for best practices in Technology Leadership in the integrated water treatment technology industry,” said David Frigstad, Chairman, Frost & Sullivan. “To exhibit leadership in technology is never an easy task, but it is one made even more difficult considering today’s competitive intensity, customer volatility, and economic uncertainty—not to mention the difficulty of innovating in an environment of escalating challenges to intellectual property. Within this context, your receipt of this Award signifies an even greater accomplishment.”

    Headquartered in Shawnee, Kansas, Bio-Microbics’ commitment to society is reflected in its compact, easy to deploy, and sustainable solutions that exceed performance, security, quality, and safety standards for treatment of water, wastewater, stormwater, greywater, and marine sewage. The company has revolutionized the water treatment industry with its alternatives to the ineffective conventional septic systems of municipal sewage treatment plants. Through its subsidiary companies Scienco/FAST and SeptiTech, Bio-Microbics’ systems provide numerous advantages over traditional sewer lines. These include the return of treated water to communities or industrial plants, water supply reliability, ecosystem welfare, ground water management optimization, and water quality enhancement.

    “This award proves our commitment to innovation and provides instant credibility for Bio-Microbics as we compete with many companies in over 70 countries to support nearly 3,000 water-related projects a year,” said Robert J. Rebori, President of Bio-Microbics, Inc. “It validates the hard work of our employees, as Bio-Microbics overcomes industry challenges to create simple, low-cost, robust water treatment solutions that are normally complex. Thank you!”

    Bio-Microbics (https://www.biomicrobics.com) products are an ideal “integrated water strategy” for the rural/urban environment. Tested and certified by many National and International Certification programs, the products allow long-term operational performance with easy and low-cost maintenance to deal with sewage (blackwater), greywater, and stormwater runoff. With water supplies increasingly strained, communities are looking for new ways to develop and manage local water resources. One of the most exciting paradigm shifts in sustainable water management is the integration of smaller, decentralized onsite systems that treat and reuse water within buildings.

    Best Practices Awards Gala from July 19th, 2017

  • Rural Communities and larger commercial properties require better "Small-Scale" water-focused support with decentralized technologies to create the permanent infrastructure that provides more cost-effective, longer-term, and sustainable options:

    • Easier to maintain with no added costs of treatment operators
    • Protection of public health & the environment
    • Onsite water reuse opportunities to reduce dependencies on potable water sources
    • Solutions for remote locations and ecologically-sensitive areas

    RollsAIR®, RollsAIR® XL, and RollsAIR® XXL Extended Aeration Systems offer versatility, cost effective method and consistent high-performance to treat larger flows for a multitude of applications; such as villages, small municipalities, and large commercial properties. Whether the flow is from 10,000 GPD [37.5 m3/d] to 2,500,000+ gallons per day [9500 m3/d], the wastewater treatment plant maintains consistent treatment with minimal operation and maintenance.

    The RollsAIR Extended Aeration System is pre-engineered with non-corrosive, simple to install, robust performance, easy to maintain proprietary devices.  As an “Activated Sludge” treatment system utilizing an aerobic, suspended growth treatment process, it is designed to be the most simple, low cost, and robust system of its type.  The LIXOR® devices are submerged aeration systems that mix and aerate the wastewater, creating the environment for aerobic bacteria and other microorganisms to quickly biodegrade and digest incoming organic matter.  The unique features of LIXOR are:

    • Low Maintenance
    • Highly Effective
    • Non-Clogging, Venturi-Style Design
    • Low-Cost Aeration System

    The complete RollsAIR, RollsAIR XL and RollsAIR XXL System use the MyTEE® in the “headworks” zone, to screen trash and settle grit. The MyTEE Screen deflects non-soluble solids to stay in the vault. All non-biological screened and settled items require periodic- NOT daily maintenance from the MyTEE Vault.  The easy maintenance of the MyTEE’s patented Clean-in-Place swab alleviates the need for manual raking from non-biological solids.

    All items within the plant are operated by simple, robust, quiet, low maintenance blowers mounted within engineered enclosures. We are committed to Environmental Infrastructure by manufacturing the products, providing the education and training on the options available to help support the environmental goals and help the community and property owners effectively and affordably manage their wastewater.  To continue the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for water and sanitation, most municipal “Operations Programs” should include maintenance.  With proper design, construction and operator training regarding the sewer system of a municipality, it’s important to develop the following Programs to help prevent, identify, and/or address issues:  

    • Pretreatment Program
    • Corrosion Control Program
    • Fats, Oils, and Grease Program
    • Stormwater management Program

    Make it a priority to work with the community's Leadership to help create a vision, set goals and implement an action plan for sustainable development projects.  Our knowledgeable Distributors and Dealers communicate and train local Public Housing Authorities on technologies available in a consistent format about the maintenance and general operations to set expectations, performance and goals.

    Bio-Microbics brings together the best elements of “Water Sensitive Urban Design”, “One Water” mentality, “Blue-Green & Resilient Cities” initiatives and “Integrated Resource Planning” to deliver a new generation urban water utilities. In a world where vital resources are increasingly scarce, nations cannot afford to flush them down the drain. The Bio-Microbics Team applies expertise and insight to drive sustainable resource with not only products and policies, but to assist with planning and technical knowhow to ensure proper sizing, installation, and maintenance are performed.  

    ABOUT Bio-Microbics (http://www.biomicrobics.com): As a leading manufacturer of onsite water, wastewater, greywater, and stormwater products, Bio-Microbics decentralized water solutions are an ideal "integrated water strategy" for the rural/urban environment. Tested and certified by many National and International Certification programs, the products allow long-term operational performance with easy and low-cost maintenance to deal with sewage (blackwater), greywater, and stormwater runoff. With water supplies increasingly strained, communities are looking for new ways to develop and manage local water resources. One of the most exciting paradigm shifts in sustainable water management is the integration of smaller, decentralized onsite systems that treat and reuse water within buildings.

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  • d-Rain Joint™ Linear Rainwater Filtration Device
    Pavement Filtration for Onsite Rainwater Management

    As a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS), the d-Rain Joint™ is a simple, low-cost, and robust onsite stormwater management alternative compared to other permeable, pervious surface options....

  • The d-Rain Joint™ system is composed of prefabricated devices directs the collection and conveyance of surface rainwater to an underground drainage bed for impervious and “hardscape” surfaces. This permeable pavement system (PPS) can be used wherever a permeable, pervious requirements for a driveway, parking lot, garage, large patio, Community Street, pool areas, theme parks, or public walkway is needed. The use of traditional pavement with the d-Rain Joint™ provides both permeability AND filtration at a lower installed cost!  These d-Rain Joint™ devices allow the use of traditional concrete or other paver-type materials to construct a high-performing permeable, pervious surface system to put filtered rainwater in the underneath gravel detention area of the pavement; thus, increasing the usable surface, eliminating costly stormwater infrastructure or potential pollution hazards to urban ecosystems.

    Rainwater Filtration Device Products include:

        • d-Rain Joint™ 6061-T6 (aluminum), <1” wide and available in 8’ lengths
        • NEW!  d-Rain Joint™ PPIC (gray plastic), <1” wide and available in 8’ lengths (introduced at GreenBuild 2016)

    Easy to install like a standard expansion joint and virtually undetectable between concrete slabs, the ADA-compliant d-Rain Joint™ 6061-T6 (aluminum) and the new d-Rain Joint™ PPIC (flexible plastic) channel-inserted filter captures sediment to ensure it’s continued effectiveness of the system at a maximum rate of 5 GPM/linear foot.

    The product is highly durable and gives stormwater a path to a subsurface drainage bed. This provides an outlet for surface water to be directed to a drainage bed and collected and held or allowed to percolate back into the soil to conform to environmental conservation and protection requirements.

    The d-Rain Joint™ PPIC Device is stackable to 4”, 6”, and 8” height from patio installations to heavy-traffic pavements.

    Advantages of the d-Rain Joint™

        • Cost-effective. Adds nominal costs to standard pour-in-place surfaces.
        • Easy installation. Installs using standard practices and equipment.
        • Low-maintenance. Simply clean or replace the filter.
        • Immediate storage capacity. With aggregate type/depth tailored to local needs.
        • Strength and durability. Safe for heavy vehicles and snow removal.
        • Treats stormwater onsite. Environmentally sound option to contain runoff onsite.

    We can assist you with (Typical 16’ x 24’sizing and custom designs) Driveway Calculations*. HAVE A PROJECT? Please e-mail your inquiry to sales@biomicrobics.com

    • to calculate the performance of the permeable driveway system, we start with the square footage of the driveway and typical rainfall statistics for the location of the project.
    • Final Performance Calculation will be dependent on the void-to-solid ratio of the stone gravel bed available and absorption rates of the soils in the local geographic area.
    • If using asphalt, other installation considerations and procedures may be necessary.

    2017 Top 10 GreenBuilding Products – BuildingGreen.com – “…innovations we see as best-in-class trendsetters in their product category, the d-Rain Joint Pavement Rainwater Filtration System…” [more]

  • MicroFAST® wastewater treatment systems
    This #1 selling product provides advanced wastewater treatment options beyond those of the conventional septic system alternative. Engineered to fit most treatment capacities for one or multiple homes....

  • MicroFAST-Logo(RGB)

    Dependable, Affordable…FITT® for the Purpose Intended
    MicroFAST® wastewater treatment systems are designed for residential strength wastewater in eight specific sizes based on daily wastewater usage. Finding the right FAST® system for your project can be as simple as knowing the residential flow from the source of the wastewater.

    Finding the right size… Designing Your FAST® System

    MicroFAST Install

    On average, each bedroom is assigned a value for the number of GPD of wastewater it will contribute into the overall treatment system.

    • Local Regulatory Guidelines
    • Effluent Requirements
    • Number of Bedrooms/Persons of occupancy

    MicroFAST Wastewater Treatment System

    MicroFAST® Available Sizing

    MicroFAST 0.5 500GPD 1800LPD
    MicroFAST 0.625 625GPD 2400LPD
    MicroFAST 0.75 750GPD 2800LPD
    MicroFAST 0.9 900GPD 3400LPD
    MicroFAST 1.5 1500GPD 5600LPD
    MicroFAST 3.0 3000GPD 11400LPD
    MicroFAST 4.5 4500GPD 17000LPD
    MicroFAST 9.0 9000GPD 34050LPD  
  • Recover® Greywater Treatment System
    Bio-Microbics RECOVER® is an innovative, easy-to-use, compact, residential appliance to help conserve water usage and meet water efficiency requirements.
    RECOVER recycles water from showers and baths to fill and flush toilets....

  • Introducing Greywater Treatment & Recycling!

    logoBio-Microbics Recover® Greywater Treatment System:  

    For residential, community, and commercial properties focused on ways to save, treat, and transport potable water to where they really need it, onsite water treatment and “Water Reuse Systems” are implemented as a “cutting-edge,” green-building strategy, and certain areas of the world are mandating it. Because of the environmental benefits, stringent regulations, and potential incentives that accrue, using treated wastewater as an alternate water source is a better on-site water management system.

    image001The Recover® Greywater Treatment System has many safety features built in to protect public health. Many of these go beyond the product standard requirements. The smart controller is able to further improve system efficiency and increase user satisfaction with the system:

    • Reduce water usage by up to 30%
    • Toilet Leak Detection
    • Auto Away Mode
    • Self-cleaning Filter Procedure
    • Auto Toilet Size Detection
    • Provides Maintenance Reminders

    Advantages and Safety Features of the Recover® Greywater Treatment System

    • The Recover® system has many safety features built in to protect public health.  Many of these go beyond the product standard requirements.
    • On the potable water makeup connection, the incoming water goes through an approved air gap to prevent any risk of cross connection with the greywater.
    • In addition, the system has an optional blue dye system which will dye the greywater a crystal blue color.  This reduces the risk of cross connections should someone accidentally plumb a greywater line to a fixture such as a sink.
    • The system also has flood protection features which will alarm the user in the event of a high water level in the system or if the pump continues to run after a set maximum run time.


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