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Burlington,  ON 
  • Booth: 1403

Come to booth #1915 to see PANELBuilder, the most sophisticated all-in-one panel fabrication solution on the market, combining an advanced, easy to use software solution with a custom machine design.

AXYZ International is a leading global supplier of CNC Routing solution for Aluminum and Metal cladding fabricators. Designed and built at their state-of-the-art factory in Canada, AXYZ systems are supplied and supported through a global network of sales and support offices and authorized dealers. With over 20 years’ experience, AXYZ specialize in matching CNC routing solutions to customer's unique needs.

AXYZ will be showcasing the PANELBuilder solution at booth #1915. Built for manufacturers processing large volumes of aluminum and metal cladding materials in the fastest and most efficiency way possible, PANELBuilder is the world’s leading panel fabrication system. The PANELBuilder system is the most sophisticated all in one solution on the market. By combining, an advanced, easy to use software solution with a custom machine design it is now possible to process all types of cladding materials faster, more consistently and at a lower cost than ever before.

In this industry consistency and reliability of output is a major issue. The PANELBuilder solution allows users to quickly and easily build up a library of panels by either using the built in powerful drawing package or by importing existing drawings. The software then automatically generates machine toolpaths for cutting all of the panels.

Typically, hundreds or even thousands of panels will be required in a single project. It is therefore important to maximize material utilization. PANELBuilder incorporates a sophisticated nesting algorithm which can cope with both simple and complex panel geometry to reduce process times and maintain high levels of efficiency.

Alongside powerful software, the custom machine design provides dual and triple head configurations ideally suited to the processing of composite material, as most applications require either two or three tools to process the sheets.

The AXYZ twin and triple spindle machines eliminate the need for a tool changer and therefore allow much faster processing times. Typically, one spindle would have a V or ball nosed tool for cutting the fold lines, a second spindle would have a straight tool for cutting the panel out and a third spindle would be used for drill holes. Switching between tools is all handled automatically by the machine controller and results in a fast, seamless machining operation.

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