So yes this is part deux or as we say in the United States, part 2 of the post from earlier this week. I’ve received some good responses and still waiting to hear more from others. Looks like the American muscle came through on this email I received and the canary Porsche is now lagging behind.
It is definitely great to hear a refreshing perspective from a longtime METALCON participant in response to the Porsche:
“Besides Europeans having the ability to be slightly arrogant at times; he is correct that they have been very energy conscience for decades.  Fuel was over $4.00 per gallon 15 years ago, I have no idea what it is today. Interestingly, we tried to market an energy efficient, retrofit assembly back in the 90’s that came from England and had little success due to initial cost.  My guess is that is the perspective he is coming from. They of course do not understand our wind, snow and fire codes let alone our testing requirements.  Additionally they also tend to build more complex systems, making the project more expensive, construction times are longer, etc.  Much of what we do in the states is designed to be “initial cost” efficient without always looking toward total lifecycle cost; often totally different philosophies.  I am also not sure that some of what they do would pass our code mandated test requirements. That is not to say their products can’t find a market here.  As always it is best to study why things are done, the way they are done, in any given area before drawing conclusions, they might end up being pleasantly surprised, especially now that our energy costs are rising.  They might also learn something about why Noah’s boat worked out so well. Besides, without them having a booth, just walking around a show looking for people to “partner” with generally does not give exhibiting companies warm fuzzies about whom they are dealing with.  They should get a booth, test the attendees reaction to their products, then talk with possible vendors/partners , bring them over to their booth, demonstrate the products, let them witness attendee reaction and then discuss going forward.”
I don’t think it could have been said any better to be honest. In other news I still haven’t heard back from the canary yellow Porsche!