I happened to be going through my email folder on potential exhibitors for METALCON recently and remembered this email:
“We actually visited METALCON last year in Chicago. It was interesting BUT we were disappointed to discover that the North American market is approx 15-20 years behind Europe in terms of product development and usage. We were amazed how primitive some of the solutions displayed were. Noah built his ark with some of the products on display !! We tried to involve a couple of manufacturers in joint ventures but got petty blank looks….We therefore decided to leave the US to ‘do their own thing’ and try and sell our hi-tech products elsewhere. We are now involved in big projects in the Middle East/Gulf region where there seems to be more of an appreciation of our more sophisticated products. What a shame.”
This email came to me about 8-9 months ago and it’s been in the back of my mind for a long time. Is our industry in the United States truly 15-20 years behind the European market or is this a slight arrogant statement from a manufacturer? I find it extremely hard to believe that the solutions many of the exhibitors provide at METALCON are primitive or are they? This just makes me wonder how much business all of you are doing in the European market or if this is just an isolated, arrogant perspective from a potential participant at METALCON. What are your thoughts on this and can we get him off his high horse?


  1. Thanks Ray! Check our our new NTM 100 computer controller at our website, for more information.

  2. I am pleased to say that Newtech now have the ability to take a cutting list from our Roof Wizard software, thus ensuring that the panels output from the machine are exactly what is required on the roof or wall. Maybe check it out at the next roofing show you attend. Cheers Tom.

  3. Thanks Ray… 🙂 I’ll pass that onto our engineers!

  4. I don’t disagree Ray, and that’s why we at New Tech Machinery are constantly innovating and looking at new ways to do things. Our SSQ machine is a perfect example, as we’re always adding new features or products to the machine in order to make it more useful and versatile. The only thing constant is change, so it’s best to roll along with them instead of resist… 🙂

    • We’re on the same page Tom. When are we going to start testing the direct interface between the cutting list from our software and your machine controller? We have got to show these guys that we not only talk about this stuff, but we can do it too! We’re ready when you are…

  5. Instead of getting too defensive, perhaps consider that the guy has a point. Even if he is preaching from a high horse, it might be beneficial to stop and see if there are things that could be done better. If we simply do things the way they have always been done, then where is the process improvement? I have personal experience with many people in the industry in the US who are resistant to change – even when the benefits of change are very obvious. In over 25 years I have visited all the metal markets around the world and I can say for sure that there are dozens of things that other people around the world do that could be argued are better than they are in the US – some little, some big. We shouldn’t close our mind to change or we will be destined to make the same problems for ourselves, over and over. Having said that, there are also some very clever things done too. It is not a one sided debate. Not at all. I visit from Australia. What do we know about metal roofing? 🙂

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    Just because I want to stir the pot with some of you who have not chimed in.

  7. They definitely did not stop by our booth! We would have loved to introduce them to the most innovative, cutting edge tool in the world for standing seam!

    • As Jonathan mentioned above, they didn’t stop by our booth either! Our equipment is used all over the world, including Europe, and offers modern technology in an “easy-to-use” format, something the Europeans still need to work on in my opinion… New Tech Machinery is constantly innovating and adding to our product offerings based on the needs of clients all over the world!

      • Do you have an example of what Europeans need to work on or what format you are referring to???

        • Looking at equipment made in Europe I’ve noticed that it is very difficult in some of the machines I’ve seen to fully understand what’s going on inside the machine, as it’s a very convoluted process compared to our rollformers which are very clean on the inside and it’s easy to see what’s happening on a step by step basis. US made equipment seems simpler to use and understand from what I’ve seen out there.

      • there is a new post coming concerning this topic from a current exhibitor

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