Check this video out and let me know if you are running similar advertisements for your business. If so what target audience are you reaching and how successful have you been? I’m always interested to see how to TV ads are doing in terms of business growth. Sometimes I think it is based on your region. Or am I wrong?? What works for you and what doesn’t?? Let us know.


  1. Do you believe enough companies in the metal construction are doing this? Or are they doing more of the local print advertising or using yelp etc.

  2. Any kind of video advertising is important. New statistics suggest that people are up to 85% more motivated to buy a product that has a video as opposed to one that does not- and that’s just on YouTube!
    As far as television advertising goes, the ROI (return on investment) depends on time of day the ad is aired, frequency, clarity of message and if the target market is the same demographic who watches the channel. The above sample is good because it states what they do, how to contact them and offers the customer a incentive to call

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