Chase has really stepped up by committing $5 million to the City of Dallas. The funds are expected to be used specifically within the construction, manufacturing, and health are industries. This came about because of JP Morgan Chase’s customers continuing to 
tell the financial institution how hard it is to find skilled labor. Within the Dallas there are apparently not enough skilled, qualified workers to fill specific positions. Chase is looking to focus on people without university degrees or ones who are contemplating making career changes.
Reading this story today in the Dallas News certainly put me in a good mood. It is great to see such a strong financial institution invest back in the people. I hope this type of program will expand to other cities, because I know for a fact Dallas isn’t the only city struggling with a skilled workforce. This could easily apply to contractors who have yet to apply their construction knowledge within the metal construction field. By educating more of these skilled workers the metal construction industry could boom even further. It really is a matter of making people feel comfortable when learning new skills. Think about your first day of school how nervous were you?? Exactly! But, after a few weeks your confidence grew when you made new friends and you were at ease. Let’s hope we see more of these programs popping up across the country in the cities that need them most – and let’s hope more of that cash goes to awareness and skills training in metal construction.