Overheard someone this morning talking about metal buildings and how problematic they are. I was intrigued but also very defensive and then I realized
while I may work in the industry, I do not know everything there is to know about these structures. Consider this how do we combat condensation? Does the manufacturer or contractor take the blame? It seems that both manufacturer and contractor are always pointing fingers at each other. With condensation issues comes possibilities of insect infestations, mold and mildew growth, and/or corrosion.
What I found is that you can combat this issue in a few ways.  Some steps you might take are making sure there is proper ventilation, proper air flow, so that water can evaporate, insulating the building certainly helps and lastly checking the lighting fixtures since they can have an effect on moisture levels within the structure.
So who is to blame for that really? It could be neither the manufacturer or contractor, it could be the owner who is working on a tight budget. I would venture to say most of the contractors and manufacturers do not want to shortcut these types of products and maybe they weren’t able to sell the owner on the products they need to preserve their structure. The sales training obviously has a direct correlation on what someone will purchase. So what do most of you do in this case? How do you handle disgruntled customers both on the consumer side, and B2B side. Who is at fault here? I don’t want to answer the question but I will anyways – all of the parties involved are at fault. There you have it, try and prove me wrong.

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