download (1)So I know this may not be huge headlines in the construction industry but I do know that many of us wear jeans. Many of us even wear them on the work site because of the comfort aspect. I guess the question I now pose is 
are you doing your part and not washing your jeans as the Levi Strauss CEO, Chip Bergh, has advised? I’ll be honest I wash my jeans after 2-3 wears so I am not doing my part. Essentially the whole argument here is that jeans are sustainable and have long lifetimes. Mr. Bergh states that only half of the water usage happens in the jean production process. He further states that the other half of the water usage happens when the consumer repeatedly washes his or her jeans at home. In case you didn’t know people wash their jeans to get the color and fit they most want, and with jeans the more you do it the better the results. 
So be honest how many times do you wear that same pair of jeans to the job site without washing them? Are you doing what Chip Bergh tells you to do? What other brands do you wear to the job site and are they sustainable like Levis claims to be? Anyhow, you can read all about this story by clicking here and you’ll also find out that Mr. Bergh is wearing a pair of jeans that he has owned for a year without washing them. But, come on the CEO of Levis wearing a year old pair of jeans? I don’t believe it.