So here we have an interesting photo of a bridge that looks like a wreck. Anyhow, we see that there is concrete degradation, metal corrosion, fatigue and fracture with this bridge. So what leads to this
and how do we prevent it from happening any further? Or how about the people at Exponent, an engineering and scientific consulting firm, with 20 offices world wide who cover metal roof and metal building system failures. Well, at least this is what it sounds like at the bottom of the abstract I just read, view it here. Scroll to the bottom where it is titled “Pre-Engineered Building and Metal Roof Failures.” I don’t know I guess that abstract sounds negative on everything involving the metal construction industry or maybe I am looking at the subject area in too much of a macro idealistic way. Either way, not sure I agree with the abstract. Then again it is just an abstract or is this another one of those consulting/engineering firms that forecasts industry trends based on a percentage without any mathematic theory behind it (trust me I have run into some of these types of places), or better yet a firm that might be an expert on the construction industry with no knowledge of the metal industry.  What’s your opinion?  Alexander Newman, a managing engineer in the Exponent’s Boston office, is the author of the book on the subject matter, Metal Building Systems: Design and Specifications, published by McGraw-Hill. I’ve never read it have you?