A co-worker recently sent me an article on technical and vocational schools which got me thinking more about the topic. I started to wonder

how the curriculum in the school systems is these days. I was looking for some more current data and only found the image I’ve posted up to the year 2000. I can’t say I’m surprised by the trend to be honest and you may recall I had posted about the lack of trained individuals available in the construction industry. Is this because we have become too focused on sending our youth to college and had a hard time identifying talented individuals who are being sent on the wrong career path? I’m not really sure what the answer is however, I do feel that our education system is offering less in terms of technical and vocational education. There definitely is a correlation in the chart shown along with the lack of trained individuals in the industries mentioned. How do we fix this problem? The answer could be as simple as looking at our education system and overhauling it so that we don’t need to invest in foreign workers when we have some of the brightest individuals right here in the United States. It could also be the quote I heard from an individual the other day “Americans just don’t want to do that work.” I completely disagree but how do we fix it?
One solution is for more of the manufacturers in the metal construction industry to be more involved in their communities by offering career weeks to show, explain and allow students into their business. By doing this you might be able to create the passion the human spirit can exhibit when being intrigued by something new that they easily turn into their life’s work. So I ask all of you what are you doing to enhance your companies future if the education system isn’t doing it?