So I keep hearing metal construction is growing in the residential sector more and more, but is it really? I live right in Boston and I still see many 3 deckers, new condominiums, and single family homes being built with the standard concrete slab and wood frame. The experts all say it is growing so then what is the hold up. I do not see it around me as much as the experts say. Is it cost, training, or lack of demand? Or is it just plain to see that contractors in the Northeast might not be educated on metal construction and the benefits it might bring. Yes, it is green and sustainable, but so is wood right? Don’t they replant trees in place of the ones used for building a home? This has been on my mind and I really would like to get a few perspectives on this, both the contractor and manufacturer please. As always comment below on why I do not see it as much as some of you do.