So it’s been a few weeks since I posted anything about metal theft from job sites, but this story is too good not to discuss. This time the construction workers at the Murfreesboro Elementary School in Tennessee put down their tools to investigate stolen building material. Most of the material stolen was metal roofing material that was valued between $6,000-$8000 and then sold for a petty $200. I mean really is this what it has come to, taking metal roofing supplies from a school to make a quick $200 at your local scrap metal yard? Anyhow, the best part about this story is that construction worker Jason Johnson took it upon himself to drive to local scrap metal yards with pieces of similar material and let them know if anyone shows up with it then it is stolen. The thief foolishly ended up selling it to a scrap metal yard 10 minutes away and when he arrived managers at Mid Tenn Metal Scrap yard contacted Johnson and police immediately. The metal roofing material was recovered from the scrap yard and the suspect has been identified. So the article that you can read by clicking here does not talk about the apprehension of the suspect or what happened at the scrap yard. I assume as soon as the suspect saw or heard the phone call go in while he was trying to sell it that he took off. They do have his license number and other identification items so the police are on the hunt for the perpetrator. So in terms of this story, I find it to be a feel good story because they recovered the material. It’s also great to see a construction worker going out of his way to locate the material. He didn’t have to do what he did but he did it. So how do you protect your job site and are other construction workers taking the same measures?