george strait
METALCON is at the Western Roofing Expo this week and we had the pleasure of attending the Presidential Welcoming Reception last night. By the way don’t forget to stop by booth 141 and say hi to us. A silent auction was held to benefit the Davis Memorial Foundation Scholarship awards. Besides great
food like oysters, shrimp, lamb, lobster ravioli, pot stickers, and a two bar service, the event served to be an amazing avenue for raising money. So my post is partly a short description of what was available last night, but I really wanted to talk about  George Strait’s autographed cowboy hat. I know he is proclaimed the King of Country and he just finished up his last tour but, I can’t believe what I saw last night. His autographed cowboy hat fetched over $4,000 in an auction. I thought that was incredible, personally I would never pay that much for an autograph – don’t get me wrong it was for a good cause, but I would have chased the two tickets to Augusta next year and the Masters. Anyhow, swing by booth 141 today if you are at the Western Roofing Expo, we look forward to seeing you.