I’ve been thinking about some new features for the blog and will begin using some of the ideas I have come with in the next week. I’d also like to open this up to anyone that 
may have an idea that they’d like for me to run with. One of my new ideas is to feature a person that is in the industry semi, or even weekly. This could be an architect, contractor, metal manufacturer, laborer, etc. you get what I am trying to say. What we will do is ask some questions and feature the person on the blog to get an idea of what they do in the industry. This will be fun and a good way for some of us to get to know others in the construction industry.
My other idea has to do with Thursdays and what we all know now as throwback Thursdays, or as seen on the social media sites #TBTH. I think I got that hash tag correct although I could be wrong. We haven’t quite identified what exactly we will look at with this particular post but bare with me, we are working on it. It could be an old metal construction project done many years ago or it could even be some old METALCON photos. If you have any ideas for us please do let us know.

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