Learning Under Construction
We are a few weeks away from registration opening for METALCON 2014 and we are extremely excited to share with you many of the new, innovative features we have added to the show floor. One of the biggest 
things we have focused on here is the new Learning Zones. There will be two locations on the show floor where attendees will be able to sit or stand for quick 15-20 minute presentations that exhibitors will showcase. This is your chance to find a solution for the problems you have been experiencing on your job site. You’ll now have the chance to be walking the show floor and stopping by one of the Learning Zones to learn more on enhancing your business. I don’t know about you, but I think this is an efficient and optimal way to learn. Consider the human mind and how much it can absorb in the learning process and how more effective we are in digesting information in short periods of time. Exactly! Stay tuned for a schedule of presentations along with the topics that will be presented. If you are an exhibitor and are interested in participating in these Learning Zones make sure you email us at metalcon@psmj.com because the schedule is filling up quickly!