Since we love new features here at METALCON, we are going to start a new one beginning tomorrow. We are going to profile an exhibitor each day until day 1 of METALCON. Who we profile and 
how we profile them will be determined randomly. I will say that if you haven’t been over to our webpage to see the exhibitor list I suggest you go there to see a sneak peak of what you are in for. You can look at the exhibitor list by clicking here.
In other news I really wish I didn’t have to do this randomly but I have to be fair right? I mean Arjen Robben can take a dive against Mexico at the World Cup and get the penalty kick that never existed, so why can’t I be biased? I know who I would like to talk about in terms of the companies participating, but I really want contributions from our readers to tell us who they are excited to see at the show and here on the blog. Let’s make this fun for everyone because at the end of the day all we have is metal to work with and talk about.