So today while I was discussing some ideas with the METALCON team, our receptionist had dropped off a FedEx like the package you see above. I walked in my office and it was sitting on my chair 
and all the while I am thinking I definitely did not order anything that would come in a package of this size. I have a lot of sneakers that come through the office doors monthly but a package of this size I have no idea. So before I sit down I grab the package and it is heavy, not real heavy but enough for me to think that maybe my day just got even better. As I sit and stare at the FedEx package I look at the labels and it is from an exhibitor that was at the Western Roofing Show last month in Las Vegas. What could it be? Could I possibly have won an iPad or a MacAir or something really cool? Is it possible that I actually won something at another trade show?
Now bare with me here, my hopes were genuinely lifted by receiving a nice package at work. It just so happens it wasn’t the package I was hoping for not that I had ordered anything. The package came with a variety of samples that are pre-painted Metal that looks like weathered galvanized. I have to say the samples are beautiful and I do in fact like receiving these samples and the brochures that come along with them. It is a fantastic way for me to learn about the products in our industry. It also makes me look special in the office when I am offering samples that end up becoming coasters for drinks. I appreciate the wonderful gift because it does help me learn but I can help you allocate those funds towards better programs that generate revenue. I won’t mention names but thanks for getting my hopes up that I had won an iPad or something at the show, when in fact all I won was some beautiful metal samples for the office. I will still accept packages here at the office should you want to send me a gift, thanks.