So it seems that today there are many interesting topics falling on my lap to write about. I read an article in Fire Engineering about the troubles that fire fighters have or could potentially have in battling fires on structures with metal roofs. So I want 
to address this with all of you because I do see the potential problems that could arise from what the article talks about. I guess the better question is how do we make it safer for our heroes? The argument in the article about metal roofs looking like a different type of material I think are the least of our concerns. I mean I believe most people can tell the difference between a metal roof and an asphalt or shingle roof right? I do however understand the argument about metal roofs being installed over previous roofs which could present a dangerous problem. Take a look at the article by clicking here and let me know your thoughts on the subject. I believe in safety for all, but is there an actual solution for this issue?