Happycities USA
We happen to have stumbled across this great graphic yesterday that identifies the unhappiest cities in the U.S.  The good news is it appears Denver falls within a happy area, the bad news is the METALCON team lives in one of the unhappy regions. We are still happy
people as most of you know. It appears the happiest region in America begins in the South Atlantic and stretches across through the Gulf of Mexico all the way out to Arizona then up through the Rocky Mountains to the Canadian border. Oddly enough from much of what has been published these regions are some of the growing economic areas in the United States.  The study did also find that it appears that the younger generation is willing to relocate for either a good job or lower house prices by sacrificing their happiness. You can read the complete study by clicking here.
In reviewing this I see some great cities showing up in the happiest areas such as Raleigh-Durham, Jacksonville, West Palm Beach, Atlanta, Corpus Christi, and Houston. All of those cities I would definitely move to especially the ones on the beach. The unhappy areas really don’t surprise here with New York CIty, Detroit, Milwaukee, St, Louis, Buffalo, Philadelphia and our very own Springfield, MA. While these cities have a lot to offer as they pale in comparison to the other happy cities. Let me know what you think about this study, is it flawed? It could be, but the facts are there to show some viable correlations between exciting, growing cities, and the older cities who have fallen on hard times.
Credit: Image courtesy of University of British Columbia