We are extremely excited about the Learning Zones at METALCON this year in Denver. It’s a new, dynamic way of providing education on the show floor. This will give attendees and exhibitors a way to learn more in smaller pieces of time. Consider thatmost people learn more effectively in small amounts of time. The Learning Zones are located in two different booths on the show floor, booth 2117 sponsored by MBCI and booth 341. You may be telling yourself how can I memorize so much information during these 15 minute presentations when there are so many of them? Well, you are forgetting a very important factor in that humans are not good at memorizing, however we are good at connecting ideas together. Exhibitors will present their technology or product and connect it to a problem that you may be having. From that point on you should be able to associate the presentation with what you have been struggling with. Honestly, do you think the smartest engineers in the world just memorize theory and then reference a text book to get it done? No they don’t! Those engineers ponder the idea with a connection to come up with the appropriate solution.
Now you must be asking yourself how can I get to all of these educational sessions and what are the topics? You are in luck we just released the preliminary schedule with the locations on the show floor and the times. You’ll have the chance to view that shortly, but we want you to continue reading. Could you make every single presentation? Probably not but be selective and identify the areas that can help you acquire more knowledge. Remember, knowledge is power, and these small bits of educational sessions will help you in the long run. To see the current offerings in the Learning Zone’s CLICK HERE. There is also only one way to get to METALCON to see these educational sessions and that is to attend, if you need to REGISTER, CLICK HERE NOW!