Back with another edition of Magnificent Metal Mondays after a long holiday weekend. I hope everyone enjoyed their extra day off and with that being said today we travel to the England and France as we explore
another magnificent piece of human engineering and construction called The Channel Tunnel.  It has also been known as The Chunnel, the metal architecture wonder is a 31.38 mile train track that runs undersea.  It connects England with France via the cities of Kent and Calais in Northern France. The quality of metal products shines through the whole channel as it stands today. The tunnel is highly efficient for quick travel because you are able to travel from one city to the next in 20 minutes. The trains themselves run at about 100 miles per hour, with three tunnels used to switch tracks for various travel demands. You are also able to put your car on one of the car trains, think of it like a ferry! Take a look at some of the images below.