It’s Friday so we have a plethora of posts to talk about today, but I want to start with exactly what the title says, METAL and Hashtags. So we know what metal construction is, but 
what in the world is a hashtag. We know their presence within the social media world on twitter, instagram and even facebook now. We know they look like this # but what exactly is it? You would think you were hitting redial on your phone when you see it right? Well a hashtag as defined by the tech gurus and social media experts out there is a word or an unspaced phrase prefixed with the number sign. They also help group messages that contain the word or phrase making it easy to search for a specific topic or messages that contain the hashtag referenced. Get it now? I don’t want to sit here and go over the history of the hashtag and Chris Messina, who proposed the system to be used on twitter to group discussions, or talk about the popularity of the hashtag use during the 2009 Iranian election protests. What I do want to do is talk about how you can be involved by using the official METALCON hashtag for the upcoming show.
This year’s hashtag will be #METALCONDenver, so when you are at a job site, taking pictures of metal construction, or just feel like promoting the event then I would like for you to reference the show with #METALCONDenver. It’s easy so do it! Who knows you might be lucky and receive some sort of prize!

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