Imagine hiring a construction safety company to do your inspections and they hire cooks, bellhops, hairdressers and musicians to do the work required? You’d probably have to wonder 
how qualified these folks are right? Well it happened in New York. These people were hired to check on high-rise sites for two hours a day. New York law requires hiring companies from the private sector that specialize in site safety. Many of the construction firms were not aware that inspections were being done by these unqualified individuals. Furthermore, some were not even done according to the article I read on this scam. One construction firm had paid over $412,000 for these inspections with some of those individuals earning $100 an hour. I have to be frank and honest here, but if you are a struggling musician in New York and you are approached to do these inspections there is no doubt you are not taking the opportunity to survive. The problem is those individuals were not being paid $100 an hour, it was more like $25 an hour by having interns pose as safety managers. They also used people’s names that were deceased, or retired. This is all a big racket to be honest, so be careful on your job sites and do the right thing. Always do your due diligence in hiring safety firms. Check out the full story by clicking here.