Let’s consider this part of the Throwback Thursday theme, but do any of you remember this guy? Yes of course you do! If you don’t know who he is 
well his name is “Weird” Al Yankovic. Today he is 54 years old, but what you probably aren’t aware of is the elusive company he just joined. In keeping with the earlier theme this week, music at work, how many of you listen to this guy? For those that don’t know him he is a comedian, parody artist that well builds success off of others by making fun of them. Yes he is funny if you are wondering. Anyhow, are you ready for the amazing company he has joined? So in the last four decades only two other artists have debuted a top 40 hit in each decade, can you guess who those are? Yes, Madonna and Michael Jackson, needless to say two icons! Now, “Weird” Al Yankovic has joined those two with his new release “Word Crimes,”
Check out the video below, again, a step away from metal construction is sometimes needed so enjoy.