So yes we missed Throwback Thursdays yesterday so we are doing a rewind on it. Today we have a photo from probably 1983, just kidding looks to be mid 1990’s with the hair and bangs. You’ll recognize a few faces here, both past and present METALCON staff, Claire Kilcoyne, Suzanne Maher, Paula Parker, and Andrea Nenopoulos. We have to say we are loving Andrea’s 1980’s tribute hair style and NASCAR victory flag jacket.

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  1. This was actually at Wrigley Field in 2002! The Cubs put our names up on the Jumbotron. Sammy Sosa was right in front of us in the batting circle for warm ups. What a great day that was, even though I have a picture of Paula yawning during the game. And P.S. I still have bangs!

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