Not sure how many of you have an Instagram account but I came across this story through an unlikely source. I happen to follow Jose Cabaco, who is Nike’s Brand Creative Director for Sportswear, and he had posted some interesting

news about the Young Architects Program. The winning design this year came from The Living principal, David Benjamin, who not only created a unique design but in Jose Cabaco’s words, “don’t just build a house, grow one.”
The structure is built from biodegradable material in its entirety. The bricks, not the same ones you might have used in the past, are created using agricultural byproducts and mushrooms. The mushroom mycelium is a natural digestive glue apparently that helps keep the bricks intact. The structure itself is built with some gaps in the bricks to help light travel through it. Our good friends over at 3M also got involved by making a light-refracting film that was attached to the molds.
I think this is pure genius in building this structure but I guess the question is how stable is it and how would it react to specific weather? Let me know what you think about this project and you can read more about it by clicking here.
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