Our good friends from Australia are going to be putting on two interesting, thought-provoking, and engaging presentations in the Learning Zones this year at METALCON. You really don’t want to miss out

on these two topics. The only way to be a part of it is to sign up for METALCON NOW! Ray Smith, Managing Director, of AppliCad will lead two discussions in the Learning Zones on Wednesday and Thursday. To check the times of the presentations go to our web page which features the Learning Zone schedule by clicking here.
These two presentations will be some of the most compelling at METALCON, see below:
Future Proof Business with Metal Roofing Software – Discussing the relative merits of software tools for a metal roofing business.  How to get a handle on the actual return on investment, what are the real costs and where is the return?
More Haste with Less Waste – Exploring radical ‘not so new’ techniques for generating cutting lists of metal panels that actually yield almost zero waste.   Make more money by reducing waste, be more efficient on site, reduce errors at estimating and be more competitive against alternate roofing materials.   The ‘BlockCut’ method of estimating.