Are you a contractor looking to go green and need high quality metal panels? Follow these 5 easy steps to choose the right metal panel for any project. 

  1. All panels should be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified showing the company’s commitment to the design and construction of water-saving and energy efficient building projects. The LEED program has certain prerequisites for building codes and is based upon a points system that focuses primarily on making commercial building projects more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.  By using LEED certified panels, you will help you earn points toward your project’s Green Building rating- and ultimately a LEED certification.
  1. All panels, including aluminum composite panels, metal wall panels and architectural panels, should be American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) tested (E-330, 331 and 283) by a certified testing laboratory. This guarantees the panels are of superior quality and safe for use.
  1. Panels should have stiffeners that allow for deflection, expansion and contraction as well as interlocking perimeter extrusions with two floating edges allowing for movement, while maintaining code compliance.
  1. Panels should have joinery-specific extrusions-caulk, hard gasket, rain screen or internal gasket and be fully weather sealed- enabling for flexibility in design, which will suit any need.
  1. Finally ensure that routs and folds are fortified. Routs and folds should be reinforced with structural sealant and extrusions, providing strong, durable and low-maintenance metal wall panels.

Utilize these guidelines to ensure that your panels are high in quality, energy efficient, low maintenance, safe and LEED certified.
BAMCO is a silver certified Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or “LEED” certified contemporary line of composite metal panel systems for use in commercial, institutional, and residential construction throughout the United States.  To see our portfolio of completed projects and to learn more about our state-of-the-art composite metal panel systems and how we can help you get your company LEED certified, visit www.gobamco.com or email us at info@gobamco.com.