lowmaintenance home
Tri-Valley Dispatch – Rosie Romero – For years, I’ve talked to homeowners about how to maintain the typical Arizona house. I give out hours and hours of advice on roofing, insulation, air conditioners, painting, termites, cracking stucco walls and more. 

But then, a couple years ago, a home was built in my area of the Valley with many features that can make it extremely easy to avoid all the problems that the usual style of building can create. I view this home as a great example to all of us. Of course, not everyone can pay for custom construction to do all these things, but many features in this home may make home builders take notice and try to integrate similar construction into desert developments. My family often calls this home “Rosie’s favorite house.”
Now that’s just a tidbit of the article that we want you to read today. One of the big points in the article is about metal roofs and how they made it look appealing with the use of LED’s. If you want to read the full feature click here.