So a few weeks back we had released the official hashtag for METALCON and we told you it would be #METALCONDenver. We would like for all of you to use the hashtag in order to promote the event across 
all social media programs you currently use. Whether you use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or any others please mention #METALCONDenver. We have a surprise in store for whomever uses the hashtag the most. Now you are probably asking yourself how are we going to keep track of this? Well, since the METALCON team is comprised of a smart, intelligent, high SAT scores, 3.5 GPA’s and higher team, we will develop coding that includes an algorithm to track the amount of hashtag uses. Seriously, we are watching!
So don’t forget to mention METALCON in your social media by also tweeting at us @METALCON2014 and using the hashtag #METALCONDenver. Stay tuned for what we have in store! Remember you can register by clicking here.

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