We haven’t talked much about solar roofs on the blog so why not start now. Anyhow, last night while glancing through Facebook, this advertisement popped up in the news feed. It got my attention so much that I had to take a screen shot of 
the advertisement. There are so many things wrong with this advertisement that it boggles my mind. First off look at the roof on that home, it isn’t metal for one, but that’s neither here nor there considering people have for many years been installing solar on shingle roofs. Secondly, is this really an attractive way to show off a home that has integrated photovoltaic technology into their home? I think not. The appearance and image is what has kept people in the northeast away from integrating solar into their homes and these fine folks at have failed to realize that.
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Next, the language of the advertisement states that they are paying people to produce their own solar power. I get it some companies are using grid-connected photovoltaic power systems as a means of a homeowner selling off the power they don’t consume, however this ad placement on facebook just does a terrible job of really attracting customers. Yes it got my attention but for the wrong reasons. This all comes back to the discussion I had back in early June regarding roofers who only work with shingles and asphalt and why they wouldn’t want to expand their own business units by providing metal roofs with solar integration. Solar certainly looks a lot better on a metal roof in my opinion. Let me know your thoughts on this and whether or not you feel it is misleading or just a terrible advertisement?