solar bay
What an ideal day to announce that we will once again be having a solar presentations in Solar Bay at METALCON. As of now the schedule has three important presentations from three of the top industry
gurus. Solar Bay is located in booth 846 on the show floor and offers a different keynote presentation each day that focuses in greater detail on specific techniques used to install solar and metal combinations. In past editions of METALCON you’ve been able to see just how compatible metal and solar technology really are. Complete with full-scale solar roof mock-ups, you’ll find the newest solar integration technologies for the metal roofing and building envelope. See Rooftop-Mounted Solar Power Systems, Solar Heat Recovery Systems on Roof and Walls, Solar-Thermal Water Heating Technologies.
Remember the only way to be a part of this is to REGISTER FOR METALCON HERE. The schedule for Solar Bay can be found by clicking here.