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About the Project: Zaffuto says Sylvester Roofing uses its SnapTable HD on a monthly basis, but recently employed it during a project at the George F. Bailey Detention Facility in San Diego County, California. Sylvester Roofing handled a project there, encompassing two housing units and 60,000 square feet. 
Results: “We loaded it onto the roof itself,” Zaffuto said. Sylvester Roofing used 22-gauge snap panels on the project, and Zaffuto said the SnapTable cut the crew’s time from six to five hours per square.  “It probably improves the labor by about 20 percent,” he said. “We used the SnapTable because of the hips and valleys the roof system had,” he said. “A lot of manufacturers don’t pre-notch their panels. That notching is hard on a guy’s hand, so it’s good as far as ergonomics go and using the tool to lessen the strain on the human using it. It’s hard to measure that component, but it’s a big safety concern for long-term growth.” The location also was a factor, Zaffuto said. “The products fill a need that it hard to fill,” he said. “There are no other companies that have a portable solution for fabricating the panels on site, as far as notching and cutting go.”
About Sylvester Roofing: Sylvester Roofing has been in business since 1986, working in commercial roofing and architectural sheet metal. The company has about $24 million in annual receipts and covers California, Arizona, Nevada, and Hawaii.
Case Study: Sylvester Roofing
Company: Sylvester Roofing
Project Location: San Diego, California
Contact: Anthony Zaffuto