ASSOCIATED PRESS – WASHINGTON – The Obama administration on Tuesday announced $14 billion in commitments from U.S. businesses to invest in Africa, as representatives from nearly 100 American and African companies gathered in Washington to discuss ways to boost economic partnerships.
Thought this subject matter might be a good place to write a thought provoking, controversial and debate laden blog post so here goes.
In reading about the Obama administrations plans to invest this kind of money into Africa it presents some positives, but also some negatives. Clearly, the USA is behind the trend in terms of investment as compared to China and Europe. How did this administration not identify that there were 6 of the fastest growing economies in Africa? In anticipation of this investment it is safe to assume that a lot of this will be towards the construction and infrastructure sector. Hence there is a huge opportunity for many US firms.
Now the biggest piece in looking at this great idea is how we haven’t been able to identify our own country’s problems. Consider that if China and Europe have moved in before the USA then what is the point of chasing such a dream when there is work to do here in the good old United States of America. Roadways, bridges, and structures are some of the specific areas that the administration should consider or what about educating our workforce? Isn’t there a shortage of construction workers in our great country? The impact of this is certainly enormous enough for a believe that possibly we are behind China and Europe and should just stick to improving our economy and workforce. Thoughts?