PSMJ Resources Inc. will be presenting three important subject matters to attendees at METALCON October 1-3, 2014 at $0 cost to attendees who are registered. Learning at a trade show has never been easier than through our Learning Zones. PSMJ is the world’s leading authority, publisher, and consultant on the effective management of architecture, engineering, and construction firms. Check the Learning Zone schedule by clicking here. Remember the only way to get access to this valuable knowledge is by REGISTERING HERE for METALCON. The presentations for PSMJ are below:
Five Forces Changing A/E/C Mergers and Acquisitions Forever – M&A transaction activity amongst architecture, engineering, and construction firms is back up to pre-recession levels…and look for transaction activity to hit record levels in the coming years.  Of course, economic conditions are partially responsible for the rise in M&A activity.  But, there is so much more driving this beyond near-term economic factors.  Learn the five key forces that have the potential to create a major storm of consolidation.
Three Must-Haves for Your Ownership Transition to Work – Ownership transition is very much a process that can take several years for an architecture, engineering, or construction firm to execute.  Through this process, there are ample opportunities to get it wrong and to put employee morale, client relationships, and shareholder value in a ditch.  Take away three valuable tips for making sure that your transition process actually works.
It Isn’t Your Experience That Matters…It’s Theirs! – Having the most experienced technical professionals only gets an architecture, engineering, or construction firm so far in today’s world.  Clients assume that you are bringing this value to the table.  What really sets you apart?  The experience (from start to finish) that your clients have when they work with you.  Learn some quick and easy ways to gather objective and useful client feedback.