Yeah this is great news you are about to receive and it will come from the blog first! I know you must feel really excited at this point considering our US readers have a long weekend, and in some ways 
it is also sad with the impending end of summer. I suppose some of you have summer weather most of the year but for the METALCON team here in Boston this is just a reminder of what is around the corner. Anyhow, is your anticipation at an all time high right now for the news? I thought so, and I hope you haven’t spilled your coffee this morning. So here goes, the powers that be at METALCON have decided to extend the early bird rates to September 5th. Yes, that’s right an extra few days so that your procrastination doesn’t get in the way and so you don’t have to worry about it over the long weekend. So with that being said remember to use the BLOG14 promo code and REGISTER NOW!
We don’t normally extend deadlines but given the circumstances of many of you being on vacation and planning your long, last weekend of summer we decided to be nice. The METALCON team wishes all a great weekend!