For those that don’t know METALCON this year will be introducing a new, innovative, trendsetting, advanced, and we’ve run out of descriptions to describe the learning experiences you will receive in the new Learning Zones. If you haven’t 
heard about the program yet well then we apologize. Again the only way to participate and receive this educational experience is to REGISTER for METALCON today! So what are you waiting for?
By visiting the Learning Zone mini-theaters on the show floor you’ll be receiving quick, FREE 15-minute instruction sessions on roofing details, field techniques, and product applications. Leave time during exhibit hours to attend as many as you can. There are two Learning Zones on the floor. Learning Zone 1 will be located in booth 2117, and you can view the program schedule by clicking here. Learning Zone 2 will be located in booth 341 and you can view that schedule by clicking here.
The Learning Zones will bring the educational experience to the floor versus the classroom. METALCON is bringing you education at no cost what other trade show in the metal construction industry does that? No other. So don’t forget to look at the schedules and REGISTER today.