How Our Specialty Tapered Slitter and Tapered Panel Machines Help to Finish That Unique Job – Many reports indicate that the popularity of metal roofing will continue to increase and New Tech Machinery will be ready to provide high quality portable rollforming equipment that will meet the needs of the consumer.  Thus, contractors will see an increased need to acquire equipment that is unique and user-friendly. 
We have a two specialty machines (the TSM Tapered Slitter Machine and TPM Tapered Panel Machine.)  Both the TSM and TPM machines were designed with the end-user in mind and are easy to operate regardless of the complexity of the job they are being used for.  Metal Master Roofing reported that they spent just one day teaching the crew how to use the TSM and TPM machines and that was sufficient. Like all New Tech Machinery equipment, the TSM and TPM Machines are portable and therefore easy to transport to the jobsite.  Due to their small sizes, the TSM and TPM machines are also able to be shipped for a lower cost than large in-factory equipment.
These machines are ideally used in tandem for work on unique jobs that require tapered panels or non-traditional panel widths.  After panels are run from a New Tech Machinery roof panel machine, the tapered panel and tapered slitter machines can be used to achieve that perfect tapered point.  The TSM machine is used for slitting (up to 20 gauge coil) and produces fast, accurate cuts.  The TPM machine produces straight or tapered panels with double-male, double-female or standard female-males legs.
Contractors who have bought the TSM and TPM are surprised how much time the machines can save them on the jobsite.  Recently one of our customers, Metal Master Roofing and Construction had been contracted to replace a 16,000 square foot roof that had suffered severe hail damage.  The original roof was completed by another contractor that spent 8 months on the project, whereas a 5-man team from Metal Master Roofing and Construction was able to finish the job in 2 months.  The contractor attributed the shorter duration to having the right machines to get the job done.