The Mile High City is gearing up to host METALCON for the very first time!  We’re excited to welcome you to our colorful state and we’d like to give you a few tips about the city and some ideas about what to do while you’re here. 
METALCON is a great opportunity to meet with people face-to-face especially over a good meal.  Denver has an eclectic and exciting culinary scene.  Whether you looking for seafood, Mexican, farm-to-table or a big juicy steak- you’ll find it in the list below!  A few popular suggestions for dinner:
Restaurant          Distance from Convention Center
Ocean Prime               ½ mile
Rioja                              ½ mile
The Capital Grill           ½ mile
Buckhorn Exchange     1 mile
The Corner Office         ½ mile
Rock Bottom Brewery   ½ mile
It’s true- Denver can experience all 4 seasons in just 1 day!  Usually October is crisp but not cold and it hasn’t started snowing just yet.  It is advised that METALCON attendees bring a light jacket just in case.  Denver also gets 300 days of sunshine so bring sunscreen especially if you decide to stay the weekend and see the mountains- you are more likely to get sunburned at higher elevations even in colder weather.
Staying the Weekend?
Denver is a great place to play and no matter what registers on your “fun meter,” the city 1 mile above sea level can probably accommodate you:

  • There are the most breweries per capita here and most offer free tours in the mountains and in town depending on where you’ll be. The world-famous Stranahans also offers free tours.
  • Why visit Denver and miss the mountains? If you can make time, rent a car and take a day trip.  You’ll be surprised how close Denver is to the mountains and you can picnic, fish or go hiking.
  • Hiking not your thing? Visit Blackhawk- Colorado’s casino, great mountain views without all the exercise.
  • Staying in the city? See the Denver Mint (where money is made) or the 16th Street mall.

Make sure wherever you are, take a look around.  You’ll see metal roofing and construction all throughout Colorado!

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