There were many stories at METALCON this year involving the industry, new products, education, and business deals happening each day. This story though surely is heart warming and goes to show you that there are still decent people in the world looking out for each other. We had an international attendee who had taken a taxi cab from the airport to his hotel in downtown Denver. As he arrived at the hotel and checked in he realized he had forgotten one of his bags in the cab earlier in the day. Now get this the bag he had left in the cab had his business cards, passport, and $6000 in cash. We assume the $6000 was to conduct business at METALCON as the attendee had traveled a great distance to be at METALCON. His first idea in order to retrieve the bag was to call the cab company, unfortunately he got no where with the dispatch center.
Later on in the evening the cab driver who had dropped off the METALCON attendee had inspected his cab and found a bag that had been left behind. Voila, yes the bag had turned up. Now the cab driver’s first instinct may have been “wow look what I found, it’s going to be a great holiday season,” but what he did was reach back out to the person the bag had belonged to. The bag was given back to the METALCON attendee with everything that had been in it, including all $6000 in cash. The cab driver did the right thing here and it is good to see that people with integrity still exist in the world. The cab driver was rewarded with a $500 tip for the return and honesty….this all happened at METALCON, amazing story to say the least.