So there had been a major announcement by the Indian Government a few days ago that might peak many of your interests. It seems that India is going to allow 100% Foreign Direct Investment in the construction sector which will boost the economy in India but also directly impact the steel and aluminum sectors. So what’s the next step
in getting involved? We can’t answer that for you but what we can tell you is that the government’s belief is that demand within related industries would increase. For example in the manufacturing sector steel, cement, aluminum and others would be effected. This all sounds great but guess who looms in the shadow waiting to pounce on this opportunity? We will give you a clue, it’s a big neighbor of India……ok you guessed it, China! It seems that India’s steel manufacturers have to deal with cheap steel and product imports from the mills operating in China.
So while this seemed like great news, we aren’t so sure now. Let us know your thoughts on this interesting decision by the Indian government. You can also read more about this situation by clicking here.

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