Due to a major technology breakthrough, Building Products Development, Inc. (BPD) and Logan Stampings, Inc. (LSI) now provide standing seam panel clips that precisely fit most of the major panel profile types. Many times these high quality economical clips are available without tooling or setup costs to the panel manufacturer. Furthermore, in many cases, BPD will upgrade the manufacturers existing UL, FM and ASTM E1592 credentials to include the new clip at no cost.
Backed by over 3,000 hours of research & development this patented clip passes the ASTM E2140 standing water test (on typical architectural pan type panels) which requires no leakage in 6” of standing water for six hours.
Clip withstood 72.8 psf uplift with no clip failure during the ASTM E1592 wind uplift tests on mechanically seamed trapezoidal panels.
In standard base testing using trapezoidal standing seam panels, the clip with a long base has provided 74% of a fully stabilized shape under live load and 78% of a fully stabilized shape under uplift load.
Required FM and UL listings and clip dependent ASTM tests are available to qualified buyers.
Features & Benefits
Competitively Priced:
Our clips are more affordable than you would guess by the features included. You get all the performance characteristics listed below without paying excessively, and in many cases we can save you money.
Adaptable to Any Profile:
Most often we pay the tooling costs. You get a superior clip without investing in expensive tooling.     Regardless of what your panel profile looks like, let us quote your clips.
Full Credentials Available:
We do the testing for you if needed. Either at a shared cost or no cost to you, we will conduct tests required to have our clip included in your UL and FM listing. We can also conduct the ASTM E1592 and required Water & Air Infiltration.
More Allowable Movement:
Nominal 4” total clip tab movement allows for longer panel runs before expansion joints are required resulting in fewer potential leak areas.
All Galvanized Material:
Minimum G90 galvanizing on all clip components. Offers better weather resistance than clips with painted surfaces or heat treating. The clip material will have the same corrosion resistance as the roof panels.
Longer Tab:
4 5/16” long clip tab. Longer clip tabs improve uplift resistance resulting in higher allowable wind loads.
Support Shelves:
Panel support shelves built into all clips. Helps keep the panel seam together during the seaming operation resulting in a tighter and stronger seam.
Centering Stop:
Clip tab is equipped with built-in centering stop aligned with the base. Assures clip tab is centered when the clip is installed. Clip base is designed so the tab is automatically released for free movement when the clip fasteners are installed.