Another Monday everyone and are we excited! It isn’t just any other Monday, its college football’s biggest day ever with the Oregon Ducks battling the Ohio State Buckeyes. What makes it unique it is the first National Title game played in the playoff system that was devised to end all the speculation and arguments on who is number 1. So with today’s episode we travel 
to Arlington, Texas and stop in AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. The stadium has a few nicknames like Jerry’s World, the Death Star, the Palace in Dallas, and Cowboys’ Cathedral to name a few. Tonight should be a great game and kickoff I believe is at 8:30pm EST. If you have yet to see this impressive stadium make sure you tune in tonight. With that being said click here to see the Architecture Fact Sheet on AT&T Stadium.
By the way we apologize to Cowboys’ fans for that terrible call by the referees yesterday, the whole METALCON team definitely thinks that was a catch by Dez Bryant.