Today we bring you a special edition of Magnificent Metal Mondays. We are here in Las Vegas for the International Builder’s Show and we are looking forward to a great few days of touching base with others in the industry. We are specifically excited to see what new products will be unveiled here in Las Vegas. Since we are here we thought we would do a Magnificent Metal Monday feature on a new Las Vegas landmark. If you 
haven’t guessed yet by the image, yes it is a ferris wheel, aptly named the High Roller.  It is a 550-foot tall and has a 520-foot diameter.  Construction on the wheel began in 2011 and opened to customers in March 2014 in what is called the Linq Promenade. It is the world’s tallest observation wheel. There are 28 passenger cabins on the wheel that accommodate up to 40 people in each. It seems like you could have a little party in one of cabins to be honest.
For more information on the High Roller click here and we hope to run into you this week at IBS. Remember to tweet @METALCON with your images using the hashtag #METALCONATIBS.